Movement Meditation & Healing Circle special events


“Life in London can be wonderful, though also frenetic and challenging. But what if you could find a small group of like minded people that would help you really reboot your energy? Thankfully, these monthly Muswell Hill healing and movement evenings, held under the the expert tutelage of Becca, do exactly that – they really help me decompress, reboot and rejuvenate, all within the space of an evening. Grand claims I know, but somehow they work – thank you Becca!”            Iona J Levine – Highgate

These are now occasional special events, so, if the format sounds interesting to you, please register your interest with me 🙏

As a spiritual healer and medium I am all too aware of the ease with which we can become ‘un-grounded’, especially in a big city, like London. Meditative movement is a great way to find one’s way back to the body and to build up the physical energy needed to balance the spiritual energy that we create in group meditation practices.

Please take a little time in advance to set your healing intentions, which are written down (paper slips and pencils provided.

This is the schedule:

Doors open from 7.00pm onwards – herbal teas and pre-session chat

7.15pm – circle opens – writing healing intentions

7.25pm – chairs moved to the side

7.30pm – movement meditation to 5 Rhythms music

8.00pm – quietly gather back in circle

8.05pm – healing meditation starts

8.30pm – gently returning to our bodies

8.35pm – tea and sharing

8.50pm – voice healing (toning)

9.10pm – closing the circle

9.15pm – circle closed

Feel free to organise lifts etc for any time between 9.15pm and 9.30pm.

Any problems or queries, please call or text me on 0785 164 2796.

Many blessings,

Becca ♥

“Becca holds a wonderful and peaceful healing circle, which I really appreciate and enjoy. For myself, I feel more relaxed, more peaceful and sleep very well.

“It is worth the travel from South West London to reach such a calming space for the evening! Even though I am not always able to attend, it is all about practice and I look forward to the next evening that I will be able to be with the group. Thank you Becca!”

Jill Swyers, SW London

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