Spiritual Healing


“I am forever grateful to Becca and The Divine for the light that they shone into my long dark winter….”     Íse – Muswell Hill, London

Spiritual healing involves channeling the energy of absolute love and compassion – “the Light” – as practiced by the Ascended Masters and the Angelic realm. This energy comes directly from “Source”, viz.  “All that is”, or “God”, depending on your spiritual belief system.

My job, is to act as a clear channel for the healing Light, which is directed and balanced by my extremely able spirit guide, Cedric, as well as the group energy Althea and helpers from the Angelic realm. By handing the process over to Spirit, I can bring through this beautiful and balanced, yet very powerful, energy, whilst gently noticing any information or guidance given by Spirit.

Although a healing may appear to be focused primarily on physical or emotional issues, it will generally also involve much deeper and more profound soul work, covering such issues as soul retrieval, inner child work, ancestral healing and past life clearing. Chakra clearing and alignment often form a part of the mix, as a balanced energy system is key to well-being at every level. If there are any unhelpful attached energies, my team will competently and compassionately remove these as an integral part of the work.

I also channel spiritual guidance around issues such as relationships, work, family, energetic health and abundance, drawing on the extraordinary resources available from Althea, the Pleiadian collective that help me and Cedric in our work.

In a full healing session (as opposed to a psychic mediumship session) the first 20 minutes involve discussion of the issues you face, feedback from Spirit on these issues, combined with my own intuitive observations, then intention setting for the healing. The healing takes around 20 minutes and the remaining time is there for relaying and discussing any relevant information that came through during the channeling.

During the core part of the healing you will be invited to close your eyes and relax, sitting somewhere comfortable within visual range of your computer, whilst the compassionate energy of Spirit goes to work.  As the energy is always delivered through my intention, rather than by physical contact, these online sessions are just as effective as the physical 1:1 sessions I was carrying out previously.

Most people find a healing deeply relaxing, although long-forgotten memories and emotional issues may bubble up to the surface, if this is what is needed for your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Some clients experience gentle tugging or tingling and others find that they are aware of many other aspects of the Light at work.

In addition to the above, I now also work with certain quantum plant energy protocols for the release of specific energies, generally associated with the events of the past three years.

Please note that I am not a qualified doctor and never give medical diagnoses or medical advice.

“I have had a few sessions with Becca, following a stressful time in my life. She has a very empathetic presence and I felt comfortable throughout the session. The healing itself was very relaxing, and I left feeling energised and rejuvenated.

“Becca also discussed ways of working with energy to heal the particular issue I was looking at, which I found useful. She works at a very deep level and clearly has a gift for understanding and healing those who seek it.

“I am very grateful.”

Rebekah – London

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