Temenos Fountains


‘Althea’, the Pleiadian group I channel, have offered to use their advanced technologies to install sacred fountains of healing energy within peoples’ homes.

They suggest setting up each ‘fountain’ within a simplified Temenos (Greek term for a sacred enclosure), taking the form of a clean jug or pitcher set aside for the purpose of acting as a precinct for sacred energy.

This fountain of cleansing sacred energy within your home will transmute low frequency energies, such as the energy of fear created by the Covid-19 pandemic, 5G emissions, electromagnetic radiation, toxins etc. Althea have explained that this works because the self-sustaining and strengthening quantum healing energy torus acts as a telluric chimney filter system, pulling in unhelpful energies and releasing supportive ones in their place.

Initially, the vessel will not hold very strong energy, but, as the installed ‘fountain’ is toroidal, the energy will continue to build exponentially until it reaches a state of coherence with its surroundings. As such, after around a week, the energy around the jug will already be palpable to anyone sensitive to subtle energies.

The whole universe is based on the toroidal form, as are the energy fields around the human heart, trees and all living things. The human heart is said to have an energy field around it that can stretch as far as five miles across, yet which exists in balance with the rest of creation, as will the energy of each Temenos fountain set up by Althea.

Once the system is in place, a sacred circle may be intermittently drawn anti-clockwise round the receptacle (just with intention) to produce a more intense energy field, in which to charge jewellery, clothing, favourite objects, food, water etc. Indeed, water that has been charged in the jug/pitcher is particularly healing for animals, plants and humans.

The circle can easily be released in reverse afterwards (also just by intention) in order to go back to spreading balancing and transmuting energy throughout the home.

Althea are doing this work willingly and freely in order to help as many people as possible in their healing processes, without them having to spend a fortune on energy cubes, dots etc. at a time when the frequencies around us can be very challenging and stressful to our physical, emotional and spiritual energetic systems.

I am not charging for this work and am excited to play my part in the project.

(*N.B. If, at any time, you wish to remove the fountain, just say: “I set my intention for removal of the fountain. It is done.”

The same applies to moving the fountain to another Temenos vessel – this may be done at any time, by putting a second vessel into the intentional circle round the first vessel and saying: “I set my intention to have the fountain moved from this vessel to this vessel. It is done”

There is no ‘magic’ in any of this, just the quantum energy effects of your intention.)

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