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We look forward to our sessions with Becca with great anticipation. She has tremendous healing ability, like none other we have experienced in this dimension.

“Becca listens attentively to all aspects and concerns that we bring to the session and offers insights and guidance in a very gentle, but forthright, manner.

“We trust her enormously and feel that the work she does is most beneficial at all levels of mind, body and spirit. The effects of a session with Becca are long lasting, joyous and uplifting and send ripples of change into all aspects of our lives.”

PG and HL, Hackney, London

“I contacted Becca knowing I needed some kind of guidance, but not knowing quite what I needed or wanted. She was brilliant at seeing what would best help me at this time and spent over an hour with me, providing healing and advice and talked me through a lot of things and connected with my guides to give me guidance.

“She catered to what I am going through and going into and gave advice which would work alongside a very busy job coming up and I am very grateful I contacted her!

“Highly recommend.

“I live in Blackpool and she was able to provide a distance session which was great also. Thankyou xxx”

Emma Swallow, Blackpool

“I am so grateful that Becca has come into my life. She is a kind, generous, gifted healer.

“The sessions I’ve had with Becca have opened me up to even greater depths of awareness, helping to move me with easy, joy and glory along my spiritual path.

“Although we live continents apart, her presence is strong, warm and soothing during our long distance healing sessions. Wise and always insightful, this gracious and humble woman, has become such a contribution to me, my body and my being.”

Lisa, Winnipeg, Canada

“I loved being with LightMySoul London, as they are not only helpful and supportive but trained and very knowledgeable and helped answer my questions.

“I will be using them again. Delightful experience.”

Elaine Riach, Aberdeenshire

“l suffered a car crash when l was 23, which resulted in a severe whiplash injury. Doctors at the time said it would always haunt me in years to come, but in recent years (l am now 62), the pain has almost become unbearable, and I have constantly needed to take pain killers to relieve it. 

“Fortunately for me, l found Becca, who performed healing on me, and all l can say is that she is a miracle worker! The pain has completely gone, even though l have since been diagnosed with osteoarthritis by doctors after an x-ray. l would recommend anyone with health issues to see Becca –  she is amazing!!”     

Francine – Camden, London

“I’d come back to London after Christmas feeling like a hermit crab without its shell! I have felt the responsibility of family wounds all my life and have known for a long time that I was making no effective difference…except that my own life and dreams had stopped mattering to me. I had become uncomfortably numb!   

“I came across Becca in a very unusual way, so I knew I’d been guided to her….her warmth and integrity were obvious from when she opened her front door to me ….after 4 sessions I could feel the sap rising in me again!

“I am forever grateful to Becca and The Divine for the light that they shone into my long dark winter….”

Íse – Muswell Hill, London

“Following the death of my beloved husband, Stanley, I was struggling with unfounded guilt and huge grief. I hadn’t been able to keep him in this world and hadn’t realised that his parting would be so final. The worst thing was that I didn’t know if he was safe. And he wasn’t letting me know….

“….On speaking to Becca, the fog and pain lifted immediately and we went on to have a face-to-face session, with Stanley very much present and around us.  I now walk through this world with the knowledge of spirit of Stanley by my side.  Thank you Becca.”

Lizzie – Aldeburgh, Suffolk

“I have had a few sessions with Becca, following a stressful time in my life. She has a very empathetic presence and I felt comfortable throughout the session. The healing itself was very relaxing, and I left feeling energised and rejuvenated.

“Becca also discussed ways of working with energy to heal the particular issue I was looking at, which I found useful. She works at a very deep level and clearly has a gift for understanding and healing those who seek it.

“I am very grateful.”

Rebekah – London

“Thank you so much for your healing session. What an hour! You hold a very safe space and it was so relaxing being in your practice room .

“Thanks to your guidance, I left feeling much calmer and, a few weeks on, am still feeling energised and moving ahead with my course. I’m looking forward to another session!”

Parvine – London

“Life in London can be wonderful, though also frenetic and challenging. But what if you could find a small group of like minded people that would help you really reboot your energy?

“Thankfully, the monthly Muswell Hill healing and movement evenings, held under the the expert tutelage of Becca, do exactly that – they really help me decompress, reboot and rejuvenate, all within the space of an evening.

“Grand claims I know, but somehow they work – thank you Becca!”

Iona – Highgate, London

“Becca holds a wonderful and peaceful healing circle, which I really appreciate and enjoy. For myself, I feel more relaxed, more peaceful and sleep very well.

“It is worth the travel from South West London to reach such a calming space for the evening! Even though I am not always able to attend, it is all about practice and I look forward to the next evening that I will be able to be with the group. Thank you Becca!”

Jill – SW London

“I have known Becca for a few years now and in those years I have seen her develop spiritually and really connect with her guides in a natural way. She has a beautiful soul and sees the beauty not only within herself, but also in others.

“Becca has a lovely energy and her natural healing abilities come from a place of unconditional love. Becca, your warmth and gentleness are your strength and I’m so privileged to have met you.”

Nishi – Friern Barnet, London

“Becca is an intuitive, healer and medium.

“She supports people who are in transition to move from feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and distressed to finding peace and joy within, so they can start to live a full life.”

Donna – Toronto, Canada

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