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“Becca has a lovely energy and her natural healing abilities come from a place of unconditional love.”  Nishi – Friern Barnet, London

Hi, I’m Becca and I work as the vessel for the collective consciousness ‘Althea’, as well as offering both healing sessions and/or psychic mediumship readings with the help of my main guide, Cedric. I am a ‘natural born medium’ (as were both my grandmothers) and also a trance healer. This allows me to work both psychically and mediumistically with ease, especially now that I am in the ‘wise woman’ stage of my life.

Cedric works closely with me ‘from the other side of the veil’, combining his considerable past life expertise with humour and a lightness of touch, to bring through clear messages and very effective healing.

Cedric is himself a healer shaman member of the 2,500-strong, high frequency Althea collective, and this arrangement is hugely helpful in aiding me with interpretation of cosmic concepts being taught by Althea at this time.

Althea have a vast breadth and depth of vision, but are also highly skilled at healing. As such, the collective is currently pioneering a number of energetic projects to help us through this somewhat tumultuous time of ascension (see ‘Temenos Fountains’ in the main menu).

Cedric and I have trained extensively with Gordon Smith, Veronica (channeled through April Crawford), Gary Wright and Sarah Tyler-Waters (both College of Psychic Studies), as well as undergoing personal development work with many talented practitioners.

Additionally, I undertook Soul Midwifery training with Felicity Warner, which added to my healing skills in supporting souls in the latter stages of their current lifetime, at their time of transitioning to Spirit and in the initial period thereafter.

This work is supported both by Cedric and by the very lovely Nebthet, who has particular expertise in helping souls to transition smoothly to ‘The Light’ and in the myrrhophore tradition of channeling sacred oils to assist in this work.

Although well known to the Egyptians, Nebthet’s energy also falls into the Althea frequency band, so she works seamlessly with Cedric and Althea when her help is required.

As a healer and medium I also specialise in helping the bereaved to feel consoled by and more confident in their ongoing energetic contact with the transitioned soul.

To get more of an idea of the range of work we do, please click here for testimonials:

Click here for testimonials:

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